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Copyright is part of a group of rights known as intellectual property rights (IP) – intellectual as it’s a product of the human mind, and property referring to something that can be owned. To own the copyright means you own the right to copy or authorize others to copy the image- and lets face it, it’s unlikely that you want to do this.

“Copyright” describes the rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works.  All Photos displayed are copyrighted to the photographer unless other wise noted.

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Providence Bruins Internship -for display in portfolio only

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Important Please Read

All Images are Copyrighted to the Photographer.  The purchase of prints is for display only.  All Digital copies, contain a watermark, including the slideshow.  Digital copies also contain a copyright agreement; stating digital copies may not be redistributed, reproduced, or have the watermark removed.  All Images are available for purchase as prints. Please note the watermarks on all images displayed on the website.  For more information please visit my FAQ and Licensing Page.