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Missy Jakobsche is a Young Creative Professional Photographer with a love for the fast action of sports. With her knowledge and understanding of the sport, she will capture the action from different angles and perspectives. From these different shots comes a soft quality and pulling the players from the background using only the natural sunlight or the artificial light of a gym as her light source. She does not leave any stone unturned within the boundaries of the sport(s) that she has a background in or participated in the sport at some point during her years in school. Using information from her background, she will capture the action, showing cases the sport from not only that of a spectator but also that of a participate.

Contacting Missy, for any photography or photo editing job you might need help with.  She is more than willing to test her knowledge in various areas of photography, including: Events, Headshots for Profiles, Portraits, Family reunions, Birthday Parties and more.


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Additional experience hand coding web sites, and with the assistance of Adobe products of Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
Looking to add additional experience to both my resume and to my portfolio.
Photography Nikon, Photoshop, Lightroom, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, PHP, MySql, wordpress


Missy Jakobsche
Concord, Massachusetts & Easter Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area, Southern New Hampshire
Eastern Mass; Northern RI; Southern New Hampshire; Northeast part of CT bordering MA and RI

To contact: missy at jakobsche photography.com
Phone number is available on request
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